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The project AgriCord in Thua Thien Hue Province, in Vietnam
AgriCord is a cooperation body of national farmers’ and forest owners’ organizations of Finland, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Canada, Spain and Italy. The focus of AgriCord’s Farmers Fighting Poverty programme is to strengthen producer organizations to improve members’ production, increase incomes and give a voice to the interests of rural producers.

In the programme, 309 projects were implemented by 189 producer organizations in 61 countries in May 2010. At the global level, AgriCord is a partner of the Development Cooperation Committee of the International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP).

This project is part of the Farmers Fighting Poverty Programme by AgriCord, which focuses on capacity building of agricultural and forest producers’ organizations in developing countries. The Finnish Agri-Agency for Food and Forest Development provides advisory services available for family forestry through a twinning partnership with Savotta Forest Management Association from Finland. The Project builds on the experiences gained in the previous projects in 2010-2013 and the project VIE6123 in 2014 – 2016, which focused on i) Raising awareness of forest owners on forest plantation, ii) Building nursery gardens for producing and providing saplings, iii) Setting up groups for technical support, harvesting and business support, iv) Setting and updating market information systems among cooperatives and factories on Acacia forest products, v) Supporting introduction of the forest certification procedures and vi) Establishing demonstration models for using forest as timber products. The objective of this project is i) to support the creation of member-based organizations to provide services to smallholder forest owners based on the experiences gained and ii) promotion of PEFC certification model to increase value of wood products. The total number of households involved in the project cooperatives is nearly 9 300. The project addresses the main member concerns related to forest production: 1) Organizational/institutional development, capacity building, 2) Improving efficiency of forest production, 3) Forest certification and 4) Forest business development. The number of households benefitting from the project is 1,800. Coordination with FAO-FFF, FORMIS II programme on forest information and with IFAD’s MTCP II programme are embedded in the project.

VIE6566 – Project Document, December 2016 iii

 The project VIE6566 supports three provincial cooperative alliances alliances (CA) responsible for the implementation of the project, Thue Thien Hue Cooperative Alliance, Quang Ngai Cooperative Alliance and Phu Yen Cooperative Alliance. In each province, there will be 2 - 3 cooperatives that the funds are channeled and a larger group cooperatives (5 – 11 cooperatives) involving forest certification. The project will supplement its project management and forestry expertise by providing a full-time Provincial Project Coordinator and a Cooperative Forestry Expert for each cooperative alliance (CA). Savotta FMA advices the cooperative alliances in the planning, implementation and reporting. The Project starts in November 2016 and ends in March 2019. The total outreach of the project is almost 150.000 farmers. The total project budget is Euro 811.728 including the own contribution of participating cooperative alliances. A total of Euro 685.579 of this budget is supported by EU (Euro 614.579), the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (Euro 40.000) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (Euro 31.000). 

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